Gromilton’s Favorite Albums of 2021

2021 was another crazy year in which the world started opening up again only to have the leash pulled back on us. COVID continues to morph into variations keeping us on our toes. People are scared and extremely frustrated with how this virus has taken over the world and effectively kept us from living withoutContinue reading “Gromilton’s Favorite Albums of 2021”

Interview with John Gallagher of British Metal Band Raven

Notes from Devin: I’ve always been a huge fan of this band and I was very stoked when their mighty frontman willingly did an interview with me!!! I bring you John Gallagher of the British Metal band, RAVEN!!! John, it’s a pleasure to interview you! Raven has been a vital, well respected band and hasContinue reading “Interview with John Gallagher of British Metal Band Raven”