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Living Tribute to Tom Croxton of Impaler fame, Thor, Hex Vortices and more!

The Hessian: For years, I have interviewed many people in national bands. There has been a very diverse mix. Some of them would give you the shirt off their back. Others would wonder why you would consider bothering them since you are nowhere near worthy enough to do so. Then there’s this man. He hasContinue reading “Living Tribute to Tom Croxton of Impaler fame, Thor, Hex Vortices and more!”

Review of Hex Vortices Precipice EP released December 2020

Normally, this is Gromilton’s place for album reviews but I felt strongly about this one and he was kind enough to let me do this review: Hex Vortices “Precipice” (2020) From the frozen land of Minnesota comes the thrash machine powerhouse, Hex Vortices!!! Based out of the Twin Cities, this is the quartet’s second album,Continue reading “Review of Hex Vortices Precipice EP released December 2020”

Get to Know Hessian

Devin “Hessian” Hess has been the longtime force and creator behind Portland, Oregon’s oldest Metal fanzine, Soldiers Of Metal. Through the years, he’s interviewed many legendary bands and gave many bands of the genre a place to be heard in the Pacific Northwest especially in the time of alternative music. He never lost heart and pushed hardContinue reading “Get to Know Hessian”

Get to Know Gromilton

Gromilton, a nickname earned in college, is a guitarist/pianist/and music lover of all types with a preference for heavy metal. Among his favorite genres are Melodic Death Metal, Symphonic Metal, Thrash Metal, Hard Rock, Industrial Metal and Rock, Nu-Metal, Power Metal, Blues, Classic Rock, and much more. Due to his love of music he enjoysContinue reading “Get to Know Gromilton”

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