Review of Hex Vortices Precipice EP released December 2020

Normally, this is Gromilton’s place for album reviews but I felt strongly about this one and he was kind enough to let me do this review:

Hex Vortices “Precipice” (2020)

From the frozen land of Minnesota comes the thrash machine powerhouse, Hex Vortices!!! Based out of the Twin Cities, this is the quartet’s second album, “Precipice”. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how they could topple their previous release, “Revival Fires” by way of sheer audio velocity, BUT damn it, they actually did!!! “Precipice” is a powerful thrash masterpiece showing some truly top notch musicianship. I do have connections to this band, but trust me, I’m not being partial when I say that if you are into true classic thrash metal, this is the real deal. The album starts with the soothing, yet tension building title track, which quickly escalates to a relentless beating of a helpless passenger riding a runaway freight train on fire!!! It goes into “Retribution”, “Consequence”, “The Wake Of Mistakes”, “N.O.F.S.” (personal favorite) and “Letters In Blood”. the lyrics are also cutting and furious, the way it should be!!! There’s no special effects here. No oversampling. That’s another reason this band is so badass. This is exactly how this band plays and sounds. The band consists of known metal drummer, Tom Croxton (Impaler, Thor), Matt Hamilton on guitar (Thor), Andy Oltmanns on vocals and guitar and their newest member, Alan Snow on bass.
I am in awe of this band. Do yourself a favor and check them outIf you catch on fire while you’re being pummelled, I’ll put you out…at some point!!!

(Too many skulls to smash!!! Just fucking buy it!!!) 10 / 10

Hessian – Skull Smasher

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